Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Floating on a Cloud

My supervisor lent me out to another department.  I covered there in the past.  In this role, I facilitate movements from crisis to short term to long term placements.

The person I am covering does not want me near her department.  She wants her friend to cover.  The friend is an idiot, so management wants someone who can actually do the job.  Me.

The day was terrible, but I handled it so well.  The day was engineered to be one disaster after another, but I simply laughed and went on.  I am so proud of myself.

First, to get into the office, I have to convince security or maintenance to let me in.  My immediate supervisor happened by when security was about to lend me the key.

“But you have the key!” my supervisor chimed.

“I do not,” I answered.

“I saw it on your keychain,” she insisted.

“How would you distinguish any key from another by sight?” I asked her.  She didn’t follow this reasoning.  I convinced the security guard to let me in anyway.

Once in, I quickly discovered messes.  The director had set up transfers into beds that were not available.  The census would be over.  Tragically over.

When the main secretary arrived late, I was next door, trying to straighten a mess with a secretary in setting up new patient records.  As I walked back into the office, this main secretary was on the phone.  “Oh, she just walked in now,” she said.  “I’m transferring a call to you, Enid.”

I picked up.  It was the director.  “Why are you late?” she started.

“I’m not late.  I’ve been here for almost two hours,” I asserted.

“The secretary said you are just walking in now,” she insisted.

“She meant that I was not at the desk, but instead was at someone else’s desk on a work-related matter, where she saw me thirty seconds earlier,” I answered, annoyed at both of them.  Troublemakers.

“Enid, I’m getting calls on my cell phone.  You can’t put two patients in the same bed.  What are you doing?” she scolded me.

“You made these arrangements yesterday.  I am fixing the messes that you created in anticipation of my arrival today,” I stated.

I’m not pretending that her mistakes are innocent.  Let the Big Wigs see that she screws the hospital to try to make me look bad.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” she defended.  “If you can’t handle a simple patient transfer, then you can’t cover for me when I am out.”

“You’re stuck with me until I’m promoted,” I said and hung up on her.  They won’t promote me.  But she fears they will, so I’ll feed into her delusions.

Massive confusion and anger ensued the rest of the day when doctors and social workers realized that their patients were not being transferred as the director had arranged yesterday.

I, however, felt fine.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trying to Play the Victim

Nurse Helen is very upset and anxious lately.  One of the administrative nursing Big Wigs is after her.  Helen told me this as if I would have sympathy for her.

Helen’s style of work is to do no work and then report the other nurses for make-believe wrongdoings.

“Is she going after you for always being late, always talking on your phone, or for never having any idea what is going on with any of your patients?” I asked Helen with a concerned look on my face.

Helen doesn’t understand sarcasm.  Or long sentences.

“I don’t know,” Helen babbled.  “I did nothing wrong.”

It’s great that someone is going after Helen finally, but nothing will come of it, other than making Helen nervous for a while.  This is better than no repercussions for her despicable behavior over the years.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Good Riddance

One of the doctors was asked to leave.

I am glad to see him go.  He dismisses the patients’ concerns and is easily annoyed by their special needs.

My supervisor always praised him.  She has some brains in her head about nursing and patient care, so I can’t reconcile how she could approve of his actions.

“He is going to be so mad with us,” my supervisor said.  “He’s going to think we let him get fired.”

“I never said anything about him and nobody listens to me anyway,” I offered.

“He’s politically connected,” she whined.  “I hope he doesn’t come after me.  Maybe I can call him and smooth things over.”

As I watched her dialing various numbers and not getting hold of the doctor, I realized how influenced she is by reputations, rumors, and public opinion.  She places no value on actual performance.  This is why she screws me over whenever she can.  She doesn’t think that I have any redeeming value in the eyes of others.

The doctor can’t be politically connected well or he would still be here.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leaving Early!

“You can go early because you missed lunch,” my supervisor told me.  “Call the office and tell them.”

Two back-to-back doctors caused me to work through lunch.  I was going to eat a snack while I finished the paperwork and then leave at the usual time.  But if she was offering a rare early dismissal, I was taking it.

The secretary of the shift supervisor told me I had to speak to the supervisor directly.  Every supervisor is horrible, but this one is really bad.  “I do not accept,” was her response.  “Your supervisor must call me.”

“I’m not speaking to her,” was my supervisor’s response.  “You already told her and that is good enough.  I don’t need you reporting me because you didn’t get a lunch.”

No matter how long we work together, she will not drop her suspicions about me.

Who would I report her to?  Her friend, the nursing supervisor; or her friend, the human resources director?

I was in a bind.  My immediate supervisor told me to leave early, while the shift supervisor was going to make a big deal of this.  People outside of the nursing department leave early as a routine.  No special circumstances required.

Well, I left early.  I chose the option that left me with extra time.

This event may signal that the evil nursing supervisor is not getting promoted to Director of Nursing.  She was low-key for months, but now can return to making enemies of almost everyone.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Feline Therapy

The newest animal therapist is a cat!

Well-groomed, so soft.  He doesn't like to be held and doesn't seem to notice the patients, but they love seeing him and trying to pet him as he scoots by.

I would like to see one of those miniature horses and the reaction of the patients.

Inspirational Prose (Not Yet)

If I was well-rested and drinking a steady supply of wine, I could write beautiful, inspirational stuff.

But for now, alcohol is a coping mechanism.

Will her Deal ever Break?

One of the people who has an office near me is a foul-mouthed, lazy, rude, piece of trash.

That's putting it kindly.

Her latest boyfriend is a drug dealer, "which is not a deal breaker," she has been explaining on the phone to her buddies (when she is supposed to be working).

How long can her derailed train keep going?