Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Misplaced fallout

Administration descended upon me Monday morning. I was trying to hurry to get out before they arrived. They must have come in early because they were out three days in a row- Christmas Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As soon as they arrive, what would have taken five minutes suddenly becomes two hours because of their interruptions, accusations, and innuendos.
The Director of Nursing told me and another nurse that he's "tired of the finger pointing between the two" of us. She was the nurse who wrote up the bleeding elbow when it was actually my incident to document. He did not like that she wrote "Received resident with bleeding elbow . . ." She said that it was the truth and she was not changing anything. The unit manager jumped in, ranting, "She writes what really happened. If you don't like the truth, go after these other nurses who create these situations in the first place."
Nobody wanted to acknowledge that this nurse jumped into my workload and took it over, stating that the elbow had not been addressed. The elbow had been addressed, time permitting for one nurse during the med pass. I did not get a chance to research the issue before she jumped in. The acceptance of her behavior just perpetuates the myth that I do nothing all night and then leave any issues for the day shift to take care of.
If an admission comes in on the evening shift, the nurse is usually not done when I arrive at 11 p.m. I have never documented in the chart or anywhere else that I "received patient with no documentation" or "no orders," etc. If the nurse tells me that he/she is not finished, I wait to act on that patient. If I find something that I feel that the prior nurse should have documented or acted upon, I tell that nurse so that he/she can take appropriate action.

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