Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back to school

I'm taking an online course, not for credit, that has nothing to do with nursing. I submitted the first two assignments on time and the third one just went in, two days late. The course is a few more weeks. I wondered about returning to school, either for a masters in nursing or something else entirely, but now I know that now is not the time. I'm exhausted from working nights. Having deadlines is so stressful. Although this blog doesn't have the tone I would like it to have, I find it easier and far less stressful to post here when I get to it. In school, timetables must be strictly adhered to and that's just not for me at this time. Perhaps my need to write is being met with this blog, though not fully, because I'm trying to maintain anonymity and keep the focus just on nursing and its effect on my life.

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