Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bad factors produced a good night

Last night went well, in spite of the factors of a bad night.
I was late because of bad traffic- two accidents, one fire, and a heavy downpour. I'm not usually late and I called in to let them know. Doomsday supervisor was not working, so her replacement was on time and took the endorsement of the floor for me. That ran smoothly. I usually float from floor to floor night to night, but tonight was the third night in a row on the same floor, so I knew what was going on.
My three stooges were two floating night aides who float because they are so unproductive and purposely clueless that no other nurse wants them; along with another aide who stayed over from the evening shift and was unfamiliar with both the night shift and the floor. Somehow, nothing bad happened. Nobody fell. Nobody called for assistance and was left waiting forever. Several residents were so jumpy that they would not stay in their beds all night. At one point, we had several residents awake at the desk, eating, drinking, moving about, talking and hollering. Yet we eventually calmed them and returned them to bed.
One resident complained about her aide in the form of saying nasty things to her and calling her names. It's a shame that workers have to take this, but the situation is really shameful when the residents complain to administration and administration takes them seriously. Administration will then turn on the nurse, saying that I should have followed each aide and monitored every move each of them made the entire night; never mind my own specific duties and tasks. I hope that I headed off such a situation by telling the incoming nurse that, as usual, that particular resident cursed out her new aide and that her behavior was based on her prejudice. So many times we have been in trouble because of that resident. Whenever she is attended by someone new, she claims that she was ignored and mistreated. It makes no sense to me how someone can ignore someone an entire shift and at the same time interact in a poor manner with them, but this makes sense to administration and they run with it every time. They never factor in her senility and manipulative, vindictive personality.

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