Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's okay to sleep, but only at work

Doomsday, the regular night supervisor, is back from a short time-off. I discussed the very sleepy aide with her. As I suspected, I can't write her up because I called her at home to get the outputs, and the union might consider this harassment.
First, that's a ridiculous excuse for keeping this person employed.
Second, the facility calls me daily with stupid questions. I sleep during the day because I work at night, a no-brainer. I receive several phone calls spaced five minutes apart, with each message revealing an increasingly annoyed caller with lines such as, "I called you five minutes ago. Don't you check your messages?" and "I've called six times in the last hour. What could you be doing? Why don't you call people back?" This behavior isn't considered harassment, at least not by the facility.

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