Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nighttime visitors

The last two nights brought me two important visitors: the director of nursing ("DON") and the assistant director of nursing ("ADON").
The joy of working night is that I don't see these people. I'm not sure what they do, and their visits demonstrated that they don't know that I do anything.
The DON talked about resident rights and new trends that corporate would like us to start following. This talk came in the middle of my heavy 6 a.m. med pass. I gave him two minutes of blowing hot air and then told him that we need to talk, but not during my med pass. He told me that I could read more in the cafeteria. I told him that nurses don't leave the floor at night because there is no one to cover. He said that I could leave the floor at any time because there is nothing to do at night. That's precious.
The ADON appeared without forewarning at 12:30 a.m. She seemed to want us to be shocked that she hit traffic, thus elongating her commute. One of the aides said it best, "What does she think the rest of us hit? Diamonds?" Her inservice stated the obvious: must carry out treatment orders as written; must report and document bruises, skin tears, etc.; and other common-sense methods of conducting oneself. Nobody's perfect, but she and the rest of us know exactly who plays fast and loose and those people should be fired. As I sat there, I was continuously interrupted by staff and residents needing things. That's okay- it's my job and I'm the only nurse assigned to the floor. The ADON grew increasingly annoyed at the interruptions, finally exclaiming that she does not understand why so many people need things in their sleep.
This should satisfy the administration's quota of nightly visits for the rest of the year.

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