Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not my patient

Patient went into respiratory distress- alert, verbally responsive, confused. Given oxygen, get her calmed down. I have to call the doctor and family to see if they want her transferred out. There are two aides on the floor- one for each wing. The one is sitting five feet from the patient's room, but against the wall, so she can't see into the room. I tell her to stay with the patient because the patient is confused and upset and may try to get out of bed and fall. The aide replies, "She's not my patient." I'm trying to hurry- respiratory distress has to be moved on quickly. The other aide appears and I tell her to sit with the patient. She states, "I have to sit with 19." She doesn't even know the patient's name in spite of caring for her for over a year. I tell her that the patient in 19 is asleep and that the patient in respiratory distress needs to be attended. With that, both of them walk away. The supervisor appears and I tell her that someone has to watch the patient and both have refused. She orders one to the bedside. Now they are both pissed.
I understand that I'm the one with the license, but you don't need a ton of education to know that someone who can hardly breathe has to have quick attention and treatment. Those aides are liabilities under my license.

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