Thursday, December 10, 2009


Another website I like is It's not specific to nursing but can be used for nursing and many other jobs, as well as your home, which is its intended location.
My initial attraction to the website was its remedy to CHAOS- can't have anyone over syndrome. I grew up in chaos, though clutter was only one of many reasons why nobody could come over.
Fly lady's focus for December is pampering. I'm pampering myself right now because I used a sick day for Wednesday night and am off Thursday night; in addition, I left my cell phone in the car so I'm not hearing the repeated calls for me to come into work.
The sick day was also pampering because of its timing. On Wednesday evening, I had treatments of massage and acupuncture. I've been doing this about twice a month since the summer. I would not call the treatments themselves pampering, but rather medical necessities at this point. After all of the previous sessions, I would rush home, get ready for work, and then go to work for the night, exhausted. I think that schedule did not promote the full benefit of the treatments.
So on Wednesday, I had my treatments and then went to bed, exhausted. I slept from 11 p.m. on Wednesday until 1 p.m. on Thursday. I felt lousy upon wakening (I usually do), but now am feeling pretty good. It will be interesting to see if the benefits are prolonged by sleeping after the treatment.
I rarely call out sick. This time, I didn't even call out sick. I arranged it last week with the supervisor so that adequate coverage could be found. I get one sick day per month and I have to use them or lose them. I cover for other people's sick days, so I know the hardship created by the call outs and did not want to create more myself. Yet I know that not using sick days does not make people like me any better.
At a previous nursing job, I used a sick day. Not only was I not paid for it, I was written up for "unauthorized leave of unpaid absence." It was a county job that was appealing because of all of the paid time off, among other things. The inability to take any paid time off was one of the reasons I quit. But that's for other posts.

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