Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day off

I was off last night and am supposed to be off tonight. I asked to be on as back up in case of a call out. I am scheduled every other weekend, but rarely do I not work on my weekend off. Two weekends ago I also did not work. I was called to come in right before the shift started on Saturday, but I had already fallen asleep. Two nurses couldn't make it because it was snowing. Well, how was I supposed to make it? I don't live closer. I could say "no" to the extra shifts, but that's like saying "no" to paying down my loans or buying my own house.
I went out with a friend I had not seen in ages. It was great to catch up. She's newly pregnant and has not officially announced it, but I could tell with the way she quickly refused a margarita and then smirked.
I'm not very social. I prefer to not be around much commotion. I'd rather sit quietly at home in solitude than be out with people everywhere. Maybe that's why I was drawn to the night shift- I don't have people coming at me from every direction and I am supposed to enforce a quiet and calm atmosphere.
I have not seen a lot of my "friends" in a while. I thought that working nights would enable me to run around during the day on lunches, but it doesn't. I'd rather be sleeping. Now with the shorter days, once supper time rolls around, I'd also rather be sleeping because it's dark. People don't understand this.
The schedule is also difficult because I really need two days off in a row to be able to go out without being exhausted and having to rush into work that night. The way the schedule is set up in the nursing home is every other weekend off, with one weeknight off per week. It's nice to get off during the week, but I end up just catching up on sleep, not social engagements.
My housemate has been quiet, allowing me to sleep. On some level, she knows she was wrong to have so many people over the house for so long and to lie about it. But she'll keep doing it. I need to find another place to live. Preparing to move and then moving will be very stressful.

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