Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ditsy gets out on time, but doesn't get the job done

The night went smoothly, in spite of the forces against it.
I took report from a ditsy nurse. She's ditsy about everything except putting work onto others. Her interesting statements included:

"I signed for her lantus, but I don't remember giving it. So if her blood sugar is really high in the morning, you'll know why." Giggle.

"There was a bottle of phenergan with codeine around here somewhere, but now I just can't find it. Here, sign for the narcotics."

"The bed alarms were not connected? Gee, I never even look at those."

"There was no lactulose in this cart. None. So I didn't give anybody their lactulose."

"These meds are completely out. I was going to request refills, but I can't find the sheet, so oh well."

"These two people were supposed to get antibiotics, but I see that they have allergies, so to be on the safe side, I didn't give them the dose due on my shift."

I had no responses to the above observations.

I did attempt some conversation concerning the floor.
Ditsy: "Mr. Smith had no complaints."
Me: "Why is that on the report?"
Ditsy: "How would I know?"
Ditsy: "Ms. Miller is back from the emergency room. She's okay."
Me: "Why was she sent to the emergency room?"
Ditsy: "I guess she was sick. Or hurt. I don't know."

The three aides were not the best. I woke up one of them every time a call bell was activated. One lied about checking the bed alarms. I showed her several disconnected alarms and asked exactly what she was checking for. One got a resident ready for dialysis, except that she did not have dialysis. The translator explained to me that when I said, "Ms. Smith had dialysis today and is fine," the aide thought that I meant "has dialysis." I reiterated back, "So she does not understand the difference between something that happened and something that did not happen." They all agreed.

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