Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm suddenly seeing a lot on "how to make yourself more likable." I've read the suggestions and was trying to apply them to nursing. I'm finding it easier to come up with the negative, "how to make yourself less likable."

1. Show up late for every shift.
The nurses for the shift before you won't be able to leave until you show up. Or they will have to endorse to your supervisor, making her mad as well.
2. Write incomplete orders and don't carry them out.
The next nurse will have to call the doctor to verify the order, which will also make him mad.
3. Don't fill out any form in its entirety.
You will have people from many different departments coming back to you.
4. Don't do any extra documentation, such as monthly psych reviews or hypnotic summaries.
5. Don't tour your floor and make adjustments or corrections. When someone else brings problems to your attention, reply, "How would I know that?" and keep sitting there, reading.
6. Respond to any issues raised by residents or families with, "You'll have to call social services with that in the morning."
7. Tell the aides to do everything except giving out the meds.
8. Don't answer the phone, unless it's your cell phone.
9. Don't learn anyone's name.
10. Don't give report to the next nurse and refuse report from the previous nurse. Instead reply, "Can't you read?" and "I can read" to each one, respectively. (And I don't mean with respect.)
11. If someone questions you, state, "That's the way I've always done it." Don't be flexible or open.

I learned these traits from my fellow coworkers, some of the most unlikeable people around.

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