Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More hostility

More problems from the CNAs.
None of the three night shift aides were present at the start of the shift. One evening shift aide stays until one night shift aide arrives. The one who stayed last night was working overnight on another floor, thus selected because her staying and waiting would not cause overtime.
I hopped right into the report from the evening nurses. A bed alarm sounded. The aide remained standing at the desk, staring at me. I asked her to attend to the resident. She replied, "I'm not on this floor."
I went to the resident, fussed with her, and got her back into the bed. As soon as I was back at the desk to continue the report, the alarm sounded again. I glanced at the assignment sheet and saw that the aide still standing at the desk was indeed the evening aide who stayed behind. I told her such and told her that she needed to attend to the alarm. She said that she wasn't going to go into a room because if something happened, she would be responsible. I told her that the entire point of her staying was to attend to residents, not just stand at the desk. She said she had to go to her other floor and was unable to perform any work.
I stopped report and attended to the resident until one of the night shift aides finally arrived.
The lagging aide remained on the floor, seated, for another half an hour, before going to another unit.
I told the supervisor when she arrived. I phrased it as, "All three aides were late tonight. CNA [So and So] stayed behind to cover. I just wanted to clarify the role she plays when she stays behind. I thought that she was supposed to attend to residents, but she refused to do so earlier, telling me that she is just supposed to sit here. In fact, she sat on the unit for half an hour after the night shift aides arrived, before going to her next assigned unit." The supervisor said that she needed to address this immediately. She didn't mention it again.
I also told her about the double diapering and denial. She said, "That's an automatic write up." She said that this aide has done this before. I still think that I'll be blamed for upsetting the aide.
They are not unique. There are so many aides that are downright contemptuous of everyone else. They don't do their job, which jeopardizes the residents. When I approach them about an issue, they yell and accuse, and get their buddies worked up. The next night someone else pulls the same nonsense, thinking that I'm a nurse that does not have to be listened to. That's why the aide just stood at the desk, ignoring alarms. They seem to think that they can be excused from their duties by saying that the nurse disrespected them. I hope that administration doesn't see it that way.
I told both aides at the time that I would be discussing the problem with the supervisor so that I could clarify the issues. The strategy that I think that I'm following is that I carry through on my threats and beat them in the race to the complaint department.

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