Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, same old

Happy New Year!
I worked overnight- holiday pay. We celebrated at midnight with the sundowners- the residents who have reversed circadian rhythms and are up all night. The day shift characterizes sundowners as "the night shift won't allow them to go to bed."
For some reason, two nurses were scheduled for the unit I was on. There were no incidents.
The fallout from the infected foot was that the feet of every resident must be checked. By me. As if I caused the infected foot. The feet should be checked every day anyway. I don't understand how an aide would change someone's socks and not notice a large, bleeding wound on the ankle. Maybe that's why there was another nurse- so I could check the feet. I found no serious issues.
On the first of the month, the medication records, which are monthly, must be converted to the new month. It actually went smoothly this time, at least on the floor where I was last night.
I left work on time. At home, the "house guests" are still there. I would never invite a bunch of people to stay with me without clearing everything with my housemate and making sure that she was not inconvenienced. She is not aware of such a courtesy, though. They were out late celebrating the new year and were still asleep when I arrived. Remembering how many times they woke me over the last several days, I woke them up because I'm just so darn noisy. I also coughed, dry heaved, and wiped my nose on my hand and then touched everything, complaining that I caught the flu from my patients. Several of them stared in horror. I don't know what I'm going to have to do next to get them out.

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