Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not understanding

A lot of the aides are from Haiti and have family there. They are very upset over the earthquake.
There was fallout from my changing of the times of administration of two meds on the behavior/psych floor. Doomsday supervisor told me that the complaint appeared in the supervisor's communication book, which is read by corporate, and they will be very upset. She acknowledged that my changes were correct, but that she now has to write a report defending me and what I did. I asked where the report and complaint were when the two nurses changed the medications in the first place to incorrect times. She said that there is no such complaint and never will be, that I do not understand that I'm the one with a target on me. I said that I do not understand why they are complaining that I corrected two mistakes; I'm there to care for the resident, not just hand out pills without thinking, and that I have my own license that requires me to act correctly, not just blindly follow what someone else has set up in error. I also said that I do not understand why any of these people have not been fired with the daily errors that I find. Whenever I work on that floor, I'm in trouble for something that either never happened or that I handled correctly. I told Doomsday that they are bullies and I'm sick of corporate letting them get away with it. She responded, "They treat you that way because you let them." I think she means that if I meekly signed off on everything and said nothing to them, then they would stop filing complaints about me. That's not true. I've tried that and it doesn't work. I go through the proper channels to report problems, and nothing is done. If I document that a bed alarm is broken, they go off on me. If I don't document it, I'm written up for not documenting it. They aren't written up either way.
I told Doomsday that I'm not there to give out pills and go home. I'll be critically looking at each resident and the record. I'll address problems as I see them and refer bigger problems upward. To support the bullies' stance that I give out pills and go home, to get off their unit without causing them angst, supports the widespread opinion of night shift that night shift does nothing but wait for the day shift to arrive, and that the day shift nurses are the real workers, that night shift is some kind of a babysitter that the state, for some crazy reason, requires to be present in the nursing home overnight.
The nurse that worked up there last night told me that he discovered another med error. They took an order to discontinue potassium supplements on a resident whose potassium was too high. That was two weeks ago, at the end of December. They did not transcribe the order to the January record and have still been giving the potassium. (The bullies never carry an order to the following month. Most night nurses don't pick it up. I always do because it's part of the check. Yet for that, I'm targeted.) The resulting electrolyte imbalance can cause cardiac problems, including death. Now if that had been me, I would have been reported to the highest levels. But because the bullies are at fault, nothing will happen. They might even continue giving the potassium just to prove that they think that their prior acts were correct.

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