Saturday, January 23, 2010

The shift always ends

I worked the last two nights on the heavy short-term floor.
The first night took two hours past the shift end time to finish. Probably because Doomsday supervisor worked and went on and on about how this was horribly wrong, that was egregiously disastrous, and the state was about to descend upon the place and we will all lose our licenses.
The second night was a despondent fill-in supervisor. Any problems brought to her attention were met with, "I'm sure you can handle it." I hurried through the night and was finished with almost everything when the next shift arrived. That included an incident report.
On one hand, I like being done when the next shift arrives because I think it makes me seem more together, as if I handled everything well. On the other hand, being done before 7 a.m. further convinces a lot of nurses that night shift does next to nothing.
In the opposite scenario, not being done when 7 a.m. comes around does not seem to convince anyone that night shift has a ton of work. Instead, they seem to think that the nurse overslept on her already extended break and didn't get the med pass started on time.

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