Monday, February 15, 2010

Comedy of errors

Same unit. I become faster with the med pass with each consecutive day.

Before the 6 a.m. med pass, we had to deal with the usual. Heel pads not on the same residents. No protective sleeves on the same resident with the same aide not putting on the shirt I provided, pleading ignorance. Resident at high risk for falls- still with no chair alarm. The day nurse showed it to me. The aide had thrown the bed alarm in the corner and put the chair alarm on the bed; hence, still no alarm on the chair. Comedy of errors.

Around 4 a.m., a resident said she couldn't breathe. She could breathe, talk, drink water, and issue commands. I sent her to the hospital. In general, we are not to use the town's volunteer ambulance squad/911. I called our customary ambulance provider and was told that they did not have an available ambulance. So I activated the 911 system.

The responders criticized me for: 1- there is nothing wrong with the resident; 2- I called a private ambulance first.

I just can't seem to win.

They took her anyway because, as I explained, if she started to crash, I had nothing but oxygen to give her, which was not helping her anyway.

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