Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evil nightshift

Same thing again, but with a different resident.

"I can't breathe." Vitals normal, can talk, walk, etc.

Had to have her taken away to the emergency department.

Then someone fell. Didn't get hurt, but it's still more paperwork.

We're doing "bowel and bladder" training on a resident with recent-onset incontinence. I hesitate to report accidents in continent people because the unit manager says the same thing- "She's only incontinent at night because night shift doesn't help her to the bathroom." I confirmed with the main nurses on the day and evening shifts that the resident is incontinent on their shifts also. Amazingly, night shift completed their information for the last week. The other shifts did not, which is not unusual. But this gave the unit manager the opportunity to fill in her version of the resident's ability to hold onto her urine during the day and evening shifts. I watched her fill in "continent" for every day and evening shift for the last week, with only the night shift reporting incontinence. It's as if she just wants to persecute the night shift, rather than figure out why the resident is losing control of her bodily functions.

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