Thursday, February 4, 2010

Huh? What?

The last several nights have been the same thing: sleeping aides who don't hear call lights, bed alarms, or requests for assistance. Then they actually get mad when I wake them up. And mad when I ask them seven times to do the same thing.
Doomsday supervisor stands behind them. "It's snowing outside," "She didn't realize," "She worked a double. She's tired," are the excuses she has for them. Nobody fell, thank goodness. If somebody had fallen, I could not have written in the explanation box, "Resident fell because the aide was too tired (and self-righteous) to get up and help the resident to the bathroom."
She finally yelled at two aides, "Get up! If that resident is on the floor, both of you are in serious trouble." A bed alarm was sounding in a high-risk room and both aides remained seated. I doubt that anything would have happened, though, if the resident had fallen. Doomsday would have turned it around on me, saying that as the nurse, I was aware that the aides were not answering bed alarms, so it became my responsibility to do their job for them.
It's becoming increasing frustrating and dangerous to work here.

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