Monday, March 1, 2010

The last stop for everyone

A resident finally told me more of her story.

She's a strange bird. She sits up most of the night in her wheelchair at the nursing desk. She nods off every few hours. She refuses to go to bed, stating that she is homeless and has only her wheelchair to live in. Supposedly she is wealthy, has no children, but has a few nephews and nieces who can't wait for her to die so that they inherit what's left of her money. They visit her on special days, such as major holidays and her birthday, but that's it.

She told me that her younger sister accidentally killed their baby sister by burning her to death while playing with matches. The mother was never the same. Then the father was killed in a car accident. The mother eventually died and the resident came home one day to find herself locked out of the house with a note posted that she was not to enter or to remove anything. She blamed the sister for the lock out.

I don't know if the lock out was the fault of the sister or of creditors seeking to collect on the estate, but it does show why she carries the "homeless" feeling to this day. She married, but continued working throughout the marriage. I don't know if this was by choice or because they needed the money.

The overall theme is that every resident of the nursing home came from a different background, yet they all end up in the exact same place.

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