Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roughing it

Because of recent heavy rains, we had no electricity in the facility for three days. The generator gave us lights in the hallways and power with a few electrical outlets in the halls. That's it. All the food spoiled. I won't speculate about the refrigerated meds.

The residents handled the situation pretty well. Anyone with an electric bed couldn't adjust it. The power cords and few outlets were reserved for the trachs, the specialty air mattresses, and the feeding tube pumps. Somehow, the call bell system worked. No televisions. Thank goodness I had enough flashlights to give each CNA one so that they could halfway see the people they were changing. No elevators. The stairwells are alarmed and I was afraid that they would shut down, rendering the doors stuck shut, but that never happened.

The arrangement was nicely prioritized. The supervisor supported me in not rearranging the electrical supply to accommodate individual demands for electrical supply for bed adjustments, cell phone charges, and lamp lightings.

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