Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

We are troubled overnight by three residents. One gets in and out of bed constantly. When she's lying in bed, she moans, "Help me out. Why won't you let me get up?" and then tries to get out of bed herself. As soon as you help her into the wheelchair to prevent her from falling as she does it herself, she says, "I'm so tired. Why won't you let me go to bed?" This goes on all night. Come morning, she tells the incoming shift that she was removed from the bed, not allowed to return all night, and physically abused, usually by being thrown across the room. This is followed up with, "So will my daughter take me home now?" Social services interviews her daily and documents that she is oriented in all spheres. So the implication is that she is telling the truth. A lot of time is spent on writing her daily incident report where the staff claims that she is not telling the truth.

The other one awakes at any moment and screams for attention. As the staff enters the room, she pretends to faint. She wants to be carried to the bathroom, moved in the bed, dressed in a different outfit, etc. If touched, she screams, "The pain! The pain!" and pretends to bawl. If you leave the room, she won't stop ringing the call bell, which is extremely loud at night and wakes others. The roommate will also get involved and start calling people on her phone. This can go on for hours. In the morning, she tells the incoming staff that the night shift stole things from her. Nevermind that she never had a diamond ring or a million dollars with her. Statements must be written daily.

The third one sleeps all night. She barely wakes up to take her 6 a.m. pills and immediately succumbs into sleep. She is forgetful. Around 7:30 a.m., she wakes up enough to telephone her daughter to state that she asked for help all night and was ignored. The daughter phones the supervisor, the director, the floor, etc., to start the accusations and suspicions all over again, as if the previous day's performance just didn't do it for these people. Again, more daily statements about how we paid attention to her all night.

This is a total, utter waste of time by three people who love to manipulate others. Instead of caring for the other 57 patients, some of whom are very sick, I have to spend most of my time documenting what each of these residents is doing every fifteen minutes. And at the end of the shift, it doesn't even matter because their families and administration believe them and not us. Yet if their families were so concerned, they should have pulled them out of the facility. And administration could come in before 9 a.m. to see what's going on. But they don't.

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