Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who's in charge?

The aide who complained of my "harassment" was written up by the Director of Nursing himself for lying about the incident and disrupting work while she ran all over the facility trying to drum up support for herself.

I don't consider this a victory. If she is really viewed as a poor worker and a risk to the facility, she would have been fired and not merely written up again.

I saw that she rides in a car with three other aides. One of them acted up last night, hollering at me, "Don't start so early" when I directed her to care for a resident. I reported her to the supervisor. I added that I was tired of being screamed at by the aides when I gave them the tasks of the shift, as if they were in charge instead of the nurse. I said that administration was well aware of the situation, that certain aides act as if they are supposed to tell the nurses what to do, and most nurses go along with it. I told her that it's unprofessional and a risk to the residents and my license, and that I can't continue like this. She agreed and said she doesn't see what she can do about it, other than leaving the company.

That's a shame.

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  1. As a DON, and with the laws so strict on firing, it's usually not that easy to fire someone- you have to have enough 'teaching' 'documentation of inservices', write ups totalling what policy says, etc. This way they can't win an getting unemployment income because they were fired without proper cause. It is the DON's fault that she won't support you and the authority you have to have by working night shift. This place us ridiculous.