Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby nurse

I'm catching up on my dvr recordings. I just watched Accidentally on Purpose, featuring a "baby nurse," played by Olivia Munn. I started watching the show because I think Jenna Elfman is funny- I really liked her quirky character in Dharma and Greg.

The sitcom is all about funnies, of course, so I watched to see how the nurse was portrayed. We were supposed to take it as normal that a baby nurse would be needed for a seemingly healthy couple with a presumably healthy baby on the way. As revealed in the ridiculous interview, at least the baby nurse was really a nurse and not a babysitter.

And like many other television nurses, the baby nurse was all about sex. The fantasy about assisting with feeding the baby was sexual. The nurse ends up fired for attempting an interlude with two other characters.

Someday this image of nurses as sex-starved, preying on patients, doctors, and families, will change?

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