Thursday, April 29, 2010

Limit the workload

Two related new(ish) items caught my attention today. I don't catch anything brand new anymore because I'm so darn tired- and behind on everything else.

Over at brazencareerist, webcasts are finally becoming available through archives. I'm usually asleep when they are live, so I haven't been able to view one, until today. The webcast was about fulfillment. As it turns out, personal relationships and not your career will give you fulfillment, so your choice of a job should consider three factors. I don't remember two of them, but one was "control over workload." I was thinking about how I don't have any control over the workload and it usually veers out of control pretty early in a shift. Then Penelope Trunk (the speaker of the webcast and the overall power behind the site) specifically mentioned nurses and that it's not a job she recommends for lots of reason, none specified.

I don't find nursing to be fulfilling. It's reliable employment at a rate better than most average jobs. And yes, no control over most facets of the job.

On a related tangent, today on one of my other favorite sites, medscape, was an article about the impact of California's law mandating nurse to patient ratios. New Jersey and Pennsylvania were included in the study because they do not have a nurse to patient ratio law. (New Jersey has pending bills in the house and senate. Nursing homes, however, are not targeted by the mandated ratios.) As one might have predicted, patients have better outcomes and nurses have fewer gripes in California than in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

My interpretation is that nurses have so little control over their workload that legislation must be passed to attempt to lighten it. Definitely not a fulfilling career. Especially not in the nursing home setting. Doesn't anyone think that 60 patients per nurse is too much?

(I hope that the links work. I've tried this before without success and really feel that a blog should have working links. And pictures. But mine just won't insert.)

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