Friday, April 2, 2010

Lower your expectations

"Lower your expectations." Doomsday supervisor told me this last night. I have heard this from different people in various situations my entire life. In my professional and personal life, I feel that I have always operated in a manner so as to learn and grow, bettering myself. I realize that most people don't want to learn or grow. I just don't understand how they could desire to stagnate.

It's ironic that Doomsday would tell me to lower my expectations. One of the reasons why I work exclusively night shift at this time is because of her. Unlike the supervisors on the other shifts, she is on top of her game. She expects things to get done in a certain manner. She takes on a lot of responsibilities that really belong to other people.

By hearing, "Lower your expectations," I hear, "Stop caring." I don't think that I could ever stop caring about my job performance. In addition, because I am not one of the favored children, I could very quickly be singled out and fired when there is a failure. Maybe it's the entire set up, that one nurse (and I don't even consider myself to be very experienced) is responsible for sixty frail and sick people, with three "unlicensed assisted personnel" to help. Other nurses have expressed their opinions that the CNAs are not educated or paid enough to perform well. I agree about the training and pay, but the second part of this proposition is that the nurse, who is educated and paid well, has to pick up the slack. I don't see other nurses jumping in to fix omissions made by the CNAs. And I also don't see them getting in trouble for doing nothing.

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