Sunday, April 4, 2010

No time off

As I predicted, Doomsday supervisor denied me any time off for the new schedule. She said it's not possible because two people are on vacation and "they come ahead of you." I realized early on that everyone comes ahead of me.

I became full-time from per diem about a year ago. In exchange for a pay cut, I was to receive health insurance, dental insurance, and paid time off. So far, the insurance has paid nothing because they are both HMOs with no participating doctors anywhere near here. I have put in for days off, but have yet to receive any. When a holiday falls on my regular day to work, I'm supposed to get another day off. That has yet to happen. I'm starting to think that this paid time off deal is really no deal for me, especially if I'll be leaving and forfeiting all of the time.

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