Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plans to move

I may have finally found a new place to live. It's not far from where I currently live and it's not far from the job. At least it can be considered "not far" when you are travelling at night and don't hit traffic. During the day, the commute would involve lots of traffic in trying to maneuver past lots of shopping centers and a major mall. Plus, the area, though not my particular home, is prone to flooding, closing major roads.

With this in mind, I'm looking at applying to the nursing homes and hospitals in the area. As you have been reading, I am not happy where I am, so I might as well move on, and it might as well be to a place with a short commute.

I hope I can get time off to move. I have plenty saved up because it's hard to schedule the time. I am one of two full-timers. The other one is on a two week vacation now. Most of the per diems have very limited availability, such as every other Friday. Every now and then Doomsday supervisor asks why I don't take off, but when I put in for the days, she says she can't swing it. I usually work my weekend off. Last week, when she "gave" me an extra day off (I had just worked the extra weekend), they called me all day to come in because they were short. I ignored it.

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