Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who's pain is it?

Doomsday Supervisor gave me off Friday night. It's my weekend off. So I should be able to pack up and get going to the new place this weekend. The van will come on Tuesday for the big stuff. The thing is that I don't need my housemate finding out until the last possible minute because she'll do bad stuff.

At work last night, I saw a family member. She came in really early. Like most family members, she had a complaint: Her father does not like his bed. There are two problems with this issue: 1- she raises it every day with each new bed and 2- his pain is caused by cancer that has metastasized everywhere and not by a bad bed. That didn't stop her from going on and on, as if she doesn't have this same performance every day. She doesn't want her father to receive pain medication "because it can make him sleepy," but she wants his cancer to not be painful. I gave her the name and number of the administrator and she pretended she had not spoken to her already. Let the higher-ups deal with this repetitive ignorance.

The other question is: why are we listening to the daughter when we decide whether or not to administer pain medication?

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