Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little time off is great

I had a few days off from work. It was wonderful. I rested, slept, rested some more.

I tackled several items on my to-do list, but it really is never-ending.

I used three vacation days. I think I've earned 15 days, but nobody has a formal declaration of paid time off or time already taken.

And when I return, my treat is that Doomsday supervisor starts her vacation. (Her vacation is why I could not have more time off.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Return to the ordinary- no differential

Pay Day.

My reason for working. Oops- I mean that I love taking care of sick people. Especially when they whine and lie in a fruitless effort to secure more percocet. I just love it when they claim to have not received the four tabs I signed out overnight, as if someone is going to say, "Oops! Here's the four pills you missed." As if there may not be serious consequences for a nurse accused of diverting the percocet.

I digress.

Last paycheck, I received a "differential" of unknown origin. No such bonus in this check. I won't ask about it anymore in case it was a mistake and they take back the money.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Falling into sleep

There is a resident who has been with us about three weeks. He broke his finger in a fall at home, was hospitalized, and then sent for rehab. Since arriving, he has fallen twice that we know of. I suspect that he has fallen more, but managed to pick himself up before anyone noticed.

He is very forgetful and foolhardy. He is awake all night, except for a few periods of literally falling asleep. I think he has restless leg syndrome and is not being treated. I give him Tylenol at the start of the shift and apply menthol cream to his aching legs. He still can't stay still.

In the morning, he's calmer from exhaustion. This morning, he remarked that the golden years are not golden for him, "They suck." He wants to go home and probably will. He has some understanding of his propensity for falling, stating, "I guess I'm going to have to pad my entire house."

I find it sad when someone is just starting downhill, so they still have some intact faculties to realize what is happening to them. They have periods of confusion and lucidity and remember the confused state.