Friday, July 2, 2010

Alarms that few can hear

I worked a long-term floor last night, which is so much easier than the subacute. I easily finished and punched out "on time." I skipped a lot of paperwork, but nothing that can't be done by somebody else at some other time. But will not be.

Doomsday Supervisor barely spoke to me. I can't trust her anymore, so I spoke to her only when necessary. She told me that the "alarm situation" was taken "very seriously" and that if a bed alarm is found turned off or otherwise sabotaged, there will be "swift action." That's a load of crap. Nothing will happen. She said that the aide was suspended for admitting to disengaging the bed alarm. No she wasn't. She was sitting in a chair, knitting, talking into her cell phone on speaker, glaring at me when I arrived and began the shift endorsement.

The other issue, important to me only, is that certain aides feel very comfortable ordering me around and screaming at me if I contest. Doomsday didn't mention that part of my complaint and I didn't ask because I'm not conversing with her.

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