Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fallout continues

I made it through the night and punched out on time. That's quite a feat, especially because I was floated to the subacute floor and it was the change of the month paperwork. The evening shift stayed over, holding me up, telling me I had to wait for them to finish with the books. I did whatever I could until they left. I saw several errors associated with the new month's records, but I had to leave them, as I did not have the time and they can't be associated with me. Under this new "stay out of it" rule, I don't do anything but pass meds and document on my patients.

Doomsday mostly stayed away. She did come to me and tell me that not all of the end of month paperwork had been done on another floor. She said that I did some of the work for the day shift, and she wanted to know why. I attempted to remind her that she told me that when I finished the night shift's papers, I was to help the other shifts. She denied it and said, "This is why you should mind your own business. Because you did some of the work, they assumed that you were going to do all of it, so they overlooked certain charts." I didn't respond. That's her determination- the day shift had not yet returned to explain why they didn't do all of their work. "Certain charts" were overlooked because they are complex and targets for state surveyors. Doomsday has emphasized that the unit manager is responsible for ensuring that all charts are done for the month; I have nothing to do with it. So why is she telling me this?

I don't know what she has in store for me. I just know that I have to move on.

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