Monday, July 5, 2010

So little to do

So far, doing very little is going well. Then again, Doomsday supervisor has not been on duty.

I am tense and rushed at the beginning of the shift. Once I get the evening shift out, I may or may not update the CNAs. Then I do chart check and the treatment records, when I am fresh and have the most energy. Then I hit the floors for the 12 a.m. meds and the vitals. I document around 2 a.m. (not after 7 a.m.). If nothing is wrong, such as a fall or an illness, I have about two hours to myself. I can't believe it. Around 4 a.m., I fill out the med books, set up my carts, and start the 6 a.m. meds. Done by 7 a.m. with time to spare.

It's difficult to not do "extra" work, but I am succeeding. When I wonder whether or not to do something, I consider whether or not it could result in the loss of my license. Thinning charts: nope. Cleaning the kitchen: nope. So I don't do those things.

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