Monday, August 23, 2010


I assisted in performing CPR today. I've done it in the past, but not the chest thrusts. The woman was so old and brittle that I felt a rib gently give way. This is why the ancient among us need DNR orders.

Two aides scurried around, scolding me, "Why are you doing CPR on a dead lady?"

When the paramedics arrived, they knew at a glance that she was too far gone. The unhurried EKG revealed a steady flat line. She was declared without much ado.

She was not my patient. I had never seen her alive. I felt strange that my intimate interaction with this person was after she had passed.

Monday, August 16, 2010


It's been a while.

I was on vacation. Now Doomsday is on special assignment or a vacation. I don't know what she is doing. All I know is that she is not there. This is wonderful.

They finally made good on their perpetual threat to cut back on the overtime. At least with me. I usually work an extra day each week. Now I don't. But they still need the coverage and did not hire new people. Instead, nurses from other shifts are getting the night shift overtime and I am not. I worked extra because I need the money; not because I need something to do. (There are nurses working out of boredom. I will never be one of them.) I'm nervous about the decreased income.

I attended a nursing career fair in July, where the few hospitals in attendance wanted only "experienced ED or ICU nurses." Not me. I applied to some nursing homes in the area and was told, "We have no positions right now, but we'll hold onto your application." Until they throw it out in a cleaning frenzy next week.

I guess I'm stuck for now. Has the bad economy finally impacted my place of work?