Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Designer Duds on a Budget?

One of the health care attendants wears designer jewelry, sunglasses, sneakers, and clothes to work.  My apparel, in contrast, is usually $20 scrubs.  Her favorite is a Cartier watch like the one in the picture.  I know this because she tells me and shows me many times a day, pointing out each diamond with her manicured nails, and adds that others are so jealous of her.  How does she have the money?  She also wears sneakers by Coach.  I didn't know that they made anything other than purses, but they do.  She wears Coach on her feet, even though we sometimes step in some nasty substances.  I never know exactly what this attendant is going to say.  I can only predict that she takes any situation, no matter how far removed from herself personally, and makes it into a display of jealousy by others against her.  She has not turned on me, at least not to my face, but I don't trust her.

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