Friday, May 11, 2012

New Job

Hello All.
It has been a while.  I work at a different facility now.  I'll leave out the specifics so I can share the juicy details.
After three and a half years, I left long term care/nursing home setting and the night shift.  I work days at a facility that has a much better staff to patient ratio.  I have been at this new place about a year.  I have learned so much and encountered some colorful characters.
Although I find it very difficult to awake at 5 am to arrive by 7 am, I am more rested because I can sleep at night.  Trying to sleep when the sun is brightly shining is not easy.
The pay is slightly less, but I have better health insurance, a pension plan, and a lot of paid time off- which the staff takes.  I try to focus on the positive each day, but I will divulge the negative here as well because so much of it is unbelievable.

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