Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The typical American diet contains more sodium than needed.  Sodium causes fluid retention as the body attempts to dilute the sodium level.  This can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and other complications such as stroke.
A coworker was complaining about her stuffy ears and a "cold" of two weeks.  I advised her to avoid sodium to reduce the pressure in her ears.  She asked, "What's that?"
I replied, "Salt."
"Oh, I never eat salt," was her quick answer.
I explained that salt is found in processed foods.  I had only seen her eat lunch that she ordered from local eateries, filled with fat and sodium.  She continued to insist that she never eats processed foods.
At lunchtime, she asked me to go to Burger King for her and pick up two whoppers.  [Burger King lists the nutritional content of its choices on its website.  Check it out.]  I explained to her that such food is filled with sodium and fat.  Her response:  "I know that.  That's why I want two double whoppers instead of one triple."  I did not give further comment and I did not retrieve her lunch from Burger King.  She ordered Chinese delivery instead.
She also smokes, but that's another story.
The maximum recommended intake of sodium per day is 2300 milligrams.  According to the Burger King website, a double whopper contains 1050.  A triple whopper contains 1110 milligrams.

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