Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Start of the Shift

I have to pass through a certain floor to get to the supervisor's office in the morning for my assignment.  I float.  A particular nurse on this floor does the same routine every morning.

"Great!  You're here.  Let's count," she exclaims.

I'm done explaining to her on a daily basis that I am passing through to get my assignment and not taking the floor from her.  As I walk on, the nurse jumps on the phone and calls the supervisor.  As I arrive in the office, the night supervisor is on the phone listening to the above nurse complain that I walked past her, ignoring her, and refusing to count with her.  The supervisor then nastily says to me, "Why are you always so rude to her?"

I don't know how to handle this anymore.  The nurse wants me to relieve her.  This I cannot do.  I cannot walk onto a floor and take the assignment without authorization from the supervisor.  Both she and the supervisor know this.  Yet anything short of relieving her will be met with accusations of rudeness.

Sometimes I am assigned to her floor and have to relieve her.  When I return to the floor and tell her that I am her relief, she carries on about how I ignored her, held her up, prevented her from getting home to her children in time to serve breakfast, and on and on.

This is how my day starts.

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