Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another new nurse!

Another new nurse surfaced at the facility.  She was quiet and withdrawn at first.  She used her iPhone a lot; she even had the earplugs in when she was on the floor.  Gutsy?  Not to me.  Turns me off.  She needs to be very careful on orientation, unless she has friends in high places to bail her out if someone complains.  She said that this is her first job in psych.  This is strange to me because I hear over and over that only people with psych experience can be hired.  On a related note, I will say that every area of nursing, whether it be the Emergency Department, Operating Room, Labor and Delivery, treats patients with psychiatric illnesses.  No matter where a nurse works, it is impossible for her to not have patients with mental illness.

I like that new people are coming in.  So far, I think that all the new nurses and attendants like me.  As you read the blog posts here, you come away with the idea that a lot of my coworkers not only do not like me, they openly sabotage me to the detriment of patients.  I hope that the hiring continues and I can form a more stable network of coworkers who share my goal of great care for patients.

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