Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gone like a Dream

I worked a "double."  Two eight hour shifts.  For the second shift, I was assigned to a light unit and was the only nurse- at first.  I have to hand write two types of forms:  the signature log sheet/patient accounting and the assignment sheets.  All of the attendants and I signed the log sheet.  I wrote out the assignments and the attendants signed those forms.  I then completed the first round of due medications.

About two hours into the second shift, another nurse walked in.  Her outfit resembled a prom dress gone wrong:  ruffles, sequins, high heels.  Some poofy feather thing sticking out from the back of her head.  Not kidding.  No scrubs for this woman.  She was the walking dead.  She works two full-time jobs.  And she isn't nice and doesn't like me.  She tore up the log sheet and assignment sheets and rewrote them.  She had the attendants sign new sheets and then hid them.  I didn't realize that she had done this until the supervisor (nasty man) came for them and I caught a glimpse.  I am not sure what the repercussions are for my signature missing from these forms.

A patient vomited just before supper.  (Again, what is sexy about this job?)  I attended to the patient while the other nurse slept at the desk.  Yes, she was asleep.  Head on her folded arms at the desk with the patients whispering, "Shhh!  The nurse is sleeping."  I documented the sick episode, including the color, quantity, and consistency of the vomit.  Later, the supervisor returned and they quietly conferred at the computer.  At her request, he erased what I typed on the computerized report.  She does not know how to use the delete or backspace buttons.  If she doesn't like what she has typed, she hits the Enter button until the undesirable characters are at the bottom of the page.  I watched them erase my entry.  The nurse then called over an attendant and asked her to describe the vomit.  The attendant kept looking at me while she spoke.

This is the type of hostility I deal with regularly.  This particular nurse was very quiet about it, while others shout and complain the entire night if I touch the computer or leave my mark anywhere.  Given this nurse's lack of computer skills and penchant for sleeping instead of working, you can guess that patients prefer me to her.  I can't complain to the shift supervisor- he was the one who helped her erase my documentation from the report, as if I had no right to document.

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