Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nurse Bullying

Do my stories about other nurses and aides depict bullying?  I think so.

Management is aware of the acts and ensures that they will continue by always siding with the other person.  Perhaps they view me as the bully- I by telling others what to do, I am being mean to them, upsetting them.  Never mind that they upset me, they are not performing their jobs, and I am the one in charge.  When someone complains about me, it doesn't seem relevant that they person readily admits to not performing a job duty; rather, the focus is on how I upset so-and-so.

Management is in position to intervene and stop the bullying in the workplace.  Where I work, management is week.  The supervisors bully personally and the reinforce the bullying of nurses and aides.  I am the outsider and they are creating a hostile and intimidating work environment to make me leave.

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