Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Queen Bee's Husband

Queen Bee's Husband husband was no prize. As I previously wrote, she was the secretary on the Unit from Hell and he was a shift supervisor, which was a necessary arrangement to protect against the disrespect of people like me.

Anyway, Husband ignored patients. Walked right past them. He was overly friendly with the employees that he liked/was related to. Hugs, kisses, laughing. For everyone else, he screamed. About nothing. In front of other employees, patients, visitors. I did try to complain to Administration. "Put it in writing." I did. He became worse. "I go to Nursing Board and lie on you. You lose license. You no mess with me." I complained to union. "He's still doing that? We wanted him to attend anger management, but he yelled so much that we backed down."

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