Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Running Interference
I was working when a patient had a medical crisis, the details of which are not important here.  The supervisor responded to the Code.  To observe her behavior, you wouldn't know she was a nurse.  You wouldn't know she was a human being.  She ran around the entire time, telling everyone she could find a long list of errors she was observing and asking if they would like to register a complaint with her.  People were looking at her strangely.  She got a hold of a few patients and tried to convince them to approach me about their lunch selections, as if I was their waitress, it was anywhere near lunchtime, and I was not busy trying to save a patient's life.  When the patients advised her that I seemed busy, she responded, "So are you telling me that you wanted this nurse to help you with a simple task and she refused?"

As the floor quieted down, I was able to approach the desk to start to put the pieces together.  The supervisor was answering the phonelines.  "So you called and called and the nurse never answered?  No, there is no problem on the floor to explain why she was ignoring her phonecalls.  I will speak to her about this."  (Remember that the clerk does not have to answer the phone, even in an emergency.)  I walked over to the supervisor and said, "Are you talking about me?"  She wouldn't even look at me and kept repeating, "I will not discuss this with you.  I told you.  I will not discuss this with you."

I think that I'm ready to call this Workplace Bullying.  This is coming directly from my supervisor.  She is more interested in harrassing me than providing for patients.  In this situation, her behavior directly interefered with patient care.

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