Monday, June 18, 2012

Unit from Hell: Drone

The other nurse on the Unit from Hell could be nice.  Maybe if we worked together somewhere other than the Unit from Hell, things would have been different.  The problem was that I was the outsider and unless she wanted to incur the wrath of the rest of the unit, she had to side with them and go against me.

The job was very challenging to her.  It took her about an hour to hand write a note in a chart- without interruptions.  When computers were introduced to the facility, she was completely overwhelmed.  I wasn't allowed to access the computer.  "We can do it.  You don't have to show off on the computer also," was the explanation from the Princess Nurses.  In practice, they couldn't work a computer, so they didn't; plus, keeping information away from me was a tactic to maintain their power.  So Drone Nurse was usually assigned the task of the computer work.  Drone preferred that I do the computer work (and all the other work), but she couldn't get caught speaking civilly to me.

She would need my help in locating S on the keyboard, turning on printer, finding the clicker (mouse), getting rid of the screen saver, etc.  She didn't seem to pick up any computer skills and she grew more frustrated daily.  Eventually she started asking me to type entries, which I did in minutes.  Silently.  Without comment.  Instead of solidifying us, she grew resentful of me and would remark, "It's so easy for you.  You just love showing off your fancy degree, like you're better than the rest of us."  She viewed my assistance as insulting.  So I stopped helping.  I avoided her when possible.  When she did manage to corner me and ask for help, I would refuse, citing that I was busy with another task.  So she started involving the shift supervisor for my refusal of TEAM work.  I couldn't win.  One day, I was admonished for not helping others on the computer and that I should be "grateful that you had a privileged upbringing with computers" while they did not.  (Never mind that I was not privileged or brought up on computers.)  The next day, I would be admonished for "assuming that others have no education and were raised without computers."

Even the drone had to be a Queen over someone.

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