Thursday, July 12, 2012

All in a Name

As a previous comment noted, my terminology sounds old-fashioned.  That is because the terminology used in the nursing home setting differs from my current place of employment, and my current place of employment is not aware that it's not 1947.  The nursing homes are stuck somewhere in the 1960s I think.

I fluctuate in how I refer to the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel.  I don't call them that or they would be greatly offended, but that is what they are.  They do not have a nursing license and I do.  They wish to be called "Ms" or "Mr" followed by their last name.  As you may have guessed, in contrast, few call me by this salutation.  That still does not address the issue of their proper collective name or their job function.

An old-timer explained to me that part of the problem is that, back in the day, there was a distinction between assistants who had medical training and those who did not, as reflected in their title, their pay, and their ability to bridge these assistant courses to a nursing program.  The hospital did away with this distinction years ago and now requires NO medical training or background at all whatsoever for the assistants.  The old-timers cling to their old designation to elevate themselves and become irate when I classify them with the newer assistants who have no training.

You would think that they would then defer to me because I have more education and training than any assistant, but this is not how it works in this place.

At least the assistants in the nursing home had to complete a short course and receive a certificate from the state.  Here I have assistants/orderlies/attendants/patient care technicians with no education beyond high school telling me how to perform my nursing duties.  "You're only the nurse" is their reason for not listening to my directives, but when something goes wrong, they blame me because "You're the nurse."

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  1. It is clear that education helps us keep our mouths closed at the proper moment!! Good for you for not buying into their little games.