Sunday, July 1, 2012

Real Friends

After the good/bad encounter that I detailed yesterday, I was very blessed to have an unusual amount of texts and phonecalls from friends and relatives.  I did not tell anyone about the encounter, so all of this extra contact was coincidental.  And I was so grateful for it.  I need to concentrate on my real friends and my family OUTSIDE work.  While it would have been wonderful to have at least civil relations with people at work, this does not seem possible.  I understand this now.

I am also grateful to have this blog to write about what happened and how I am feeling, knowing that someone is reading my ramblings.  I feel like a fool for thinking that I could be on friendly terms with anyone at my job.  The warning signs were all present with "Aimee" as well as the others in the After Work Socialization Group.  I thought I was being easy-going, not bothered by little things, limiting the people and the outing to little more than just that- a little outing with some coworkers.  I was so wrong.  So foolish.  I just hope that Aimee does not damage me at work.  She works in one of the offices and while I am unsure of what it is that she does, I fear that she has the access to do something terrible to me.

I have been off from work and also called out to reflect on the situation.  I don't know what my next day of work will bring and how my new approach of basically not interracting with any coworker will pan out.

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