Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You're a Stupid Bitch

"You're a stupid bitch.  When are you gonna get it through that stupid head of yours that nobody listens to you?  You're not in charge.  I am.  I don't take orders from you.  I do what I want and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.  So shut the fuck up and get out of here!"

This was screamed at me by a male orderly, on the floor, in front of staff, patients, and visitors.  What had I done?  I asked another orderly, on behalf of a patient, if that particular patient could do his laundry today.

The reaction was grossly disproportionate to the perceived offense.  At this place, what matters is not what I did, it's how the other person felt.  This person has strong negative feelings against me.  I don't know if he'll try to get me fired, have me attacked, or both.  Management's response is usually along the lines of, "You must have done SOMETHING to make him so upset."  As for this man, I refused his request to sleep with him.

During the performance, a nasty supervisor walked up behind me.  I didn't notice her and thank goodness I said nothing.  I turned to leave and saw her casually looking through papers, smiling.  She was condoning his behavior.  Enjoying the performance.  This bothered me more than his outburst.

"Perfect timing!" I said to her.  "Could you clarify an issue we have?  This orderly is in charge of nurses?"

"No, you do not understand what he was trying to tell you," she started to lecture me, as if this was again ALL MY FAULT.

The orderly was too worked up to realize that the supervisor was taking his side.  He exploded on the supervisor, "I do what I want!  Tell her that!  Tell her I don't listen to nobody and then ask her what is wrong with her."

This particular supervisor is not only in charge on paper, she is in charge in her head.  She does not handle people well when they exercise any autonomy.  Although his tirade was aimed at me, this supervisor was not going to let an orderly scream that Nobody (even if it meant me) tells him what to do.

So the two of them had a screaming match on the floor in front of everyone.  She yelled at him for telling her what to do and say.  He yelled back that he's a man and no woman tells him what to do.

She didn't tell him to leave, but she did take away his scheduled overtime for the rest of the week.  He complained to people about it, blaming me.

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