Friday, August 3, 2012

Giving a shower to a cat

A patient clawed me.  On my arm.  Could have been worse, like on my face or in my eyes.

It will heal.

Management's response:  "You shouldn't go near the patients."

Bedside care has officially ended?  Now can I telecommute?

The other response:  "Why don't you keep her nails short?"

See above response- I should not go near the patients.  Manic, violent patients don't take well to having manicures or any personal hygiene performed on them.  Have you ever tried to give a shower to a cat?  Same idea.  Also, this patient is violently out of control because she does not take her medication and you can't force a patient to take medication if they refuse.  Same rule applies to the nail cutting, so that is why she can run around with dagger nails, clawing people.


  1. We're always telling these docs that they would make a fortune inventing Ativan spray.