Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is anyone in charge?

This cartoon gave me a chuckle.

We cannot medicate crazy against their will.  That is the policy where I work.

One of the hallmarks of schizophrenia is medication non-compliance, which results in relapses that worsen with each occurrence.

Nevermind that crazy is not logical or reasonable and that appropriate medication will help the person become less anxious and paranoid and help the thought process become clearer.

Patients can refuse medication and not be forced and must be left alone to be as manic, psychotic, and paranoid as they possibly can be- even if the refusal is based on paranoia, such as being poisoned, or based on an illogical thought, such as women should only take pink pills.  This is their "right."  As if someone would want to spend life barricaded in their room using tin foil to shield themselves from the beams that the FBI is aiming at them to zap thoughts into their brain.  Yet this is what some of the patients are back to doing.  I say "back" because this is the behavior that got them brought to a hospital in the first place.  I also say "back" because this is how people had to live before drugs like Lithium were invented.

"Just reason with them," is the response from management.  Now if people were so reasonable during a psychotic break, we would not need hospitals in the first place.

This is getting really out of control.

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