Friday, August 17, 2012

Passive Aggressive

I think I may have a better grasp of passive aggressive behavior.

I ask the attendants which lunch they would like.  Some have a preference; others do not.

One attendant stated, "I don't care.  Whatever you give me as fine."

I scheduled everyone's activities and breaks and put out the sheet for the day.  The same attendant who did not care suddenly did care.

"You gave me the first lunch?  No!  Who gives the first lunch?  Nobody!  That's who!"

I tried reminding the attendant that she had said that she did not care which lunch slot she received.

"That doesn't mean I wanted first lunch!  Everyone knows that means second lunch!" came the shouted reply.

I did not revamp the assignments because of her.

The passive part:  Stating that she did not have a preference.

The aggressive part:  Exploding when her actual preference was not met.

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