Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coffee Klatch: Miracle of Conception

One of my fellow nurses is widely disliked for her stupidity.  We'll call her "Sola."  I find this fascinating because she is not the dimmest bulb in the chandelier.  I think she is so unfavored because she works constantly and it's a struggle for her and the end result is still disastrous.  Sort of like a special ed student, but at this stage of the game, adulthood has made her bitter.  The corporate culture vehemently roots out and punishes hard work.  That is one of the reasons I am not liked.  My own work is more efficient and I alone can accomplish more than several nurses put together.  My shortfall is when I have to direct others.  They don't listen and do as they please, dedicating the bulk of their workday to being missing, talking on their cell phones, and eating in the break room.

Anyway, the topic of sex came up in a coffee chat.  Sola chimed in and confirmed a theory I've had for a while about my coworkers:  They are dysfunctional in all areas of their lives, not just work.  "It's amazing I ever got pregnant!" she laughed as she continued rifling through papers.  "I still don't know how I got pregnant.  He would come at me with that thing, I was so scared, I would scream and keep my legs together.  We were married five years before I had my first baby."  This silenced my other coworkers until someone brought up a different subject.

And yes, this same woman also provides sex education to the patients.

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